Destiny Wear is now run by the third generation of a business oriented family, who are well versed in the field of glove making. Presently we have more than 100 employees of which 18 are specialized technical personnel. The factory emprises a 15000 square feet covered area and it is equipped with most modern machinery to cope with the challenges, our demanding market poses on us. We have access to most modern materials being used in the construction of gloves, nowadays, no matter in which part of the world they are being produced. We endeavor to get only the finest leather from the local market, which luckily has one of the best gloving leather of the world.
We are proud to manufacture most complicated of the glove styles, which other manufacturers fear to take upon themselves to produce. Having earned many local and national distinctions, our products are well received by consumers due to their choice materials, novel styles, comfort and reliable quality.

Destiny Wear Quality is the order of the day and customer is the king. We value our customer a lot and show it by keeping standard of quality or our products, high and prices low, so that maximum benefit is placed where it deserves the most. We are courteous and cooperative and due to all these reasons, we have few very satisfied customers, who are working with us for last many years.The products shown here on this website are mere example of our capabilities. We can go much further in meeting your demands. If you want, we can send samples of any product so that 
you could road-test those.

After all, your satisfaction is what we are aiming at. So, contact us with complete confidence. We assure you of our best cooperation in all regards.